Mastering Engineer


Louie’s career in the music industry started in 1992 as a staff engineer at Skip Saylor Recording in Los Angeles.  During his stay at Skip’s, Louie engineering has been featured on several Gold and Platinum Albums, including artists such as D.J. Quik and Tony, Toni, Tone.

In 1994, Louie became an independent engineer and expanded his client base in the rock and pop world.  Louie was now overseeing album projects from start to finish.  After the mixing was completed, Louie would attend the mastering session where he was fascinated by the process.  This led to Louie’s decision to develop a career in mastering.

Having been with Marcussen Mastering since 1999, Louie masters the entire spectrum of musical styles from popular music to classical scores including “Cold Mountain”, “The Da Vinci Code” and the Academy Award winning score of “Finding Neverland”.   Louie strives to bring out a sound dynamic that enhances artist’s musical directions and his fine attention to quality can be heard on artists’ recordings including the Dave Matthews Band, Marcus Miller, Snow Patrol and Lamb of God.

Louie also enjoys applying his mastering talents to independent bands to help bring out the highest sonic quality in their projects.


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Studer 820 two track with tube replay amplifiers
Ampex ATR 102 with modified and stock replay
Sony 7030 Time Code DAT
Pro Tools

B&W Nautilis 802's
Velodyne Subwoofers
Quested 108H

Analog Processing:
Custom console, custom EQ, switching & monitoring, Prism Equalizers, Manley and SSL compressors.

Digital Processing:
Weiss Equalizers, TC Electronics, DBX and Waves.

Digital Conversion:
Prism A/D & D/A
Lavry Engineering D/A, A/D
Sonic Solutions DAW

Sony 1630
Sony CDW 900E

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